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During the period of 1950-1960 merely seven colonies were built which consumed an area of 97 acres indicating a conversion rate of 9.
In a different experiment initiated in 2013, twelve 1-yr-old colonies of C.
The study evaluated the health of 80 commercial colonies of honey bees (Apis mellifera) in the eastern United States on an almost monthly basis over the course of 10 months -- which is a full working "season" for commercial bee colonies.
How are the locations of the year-round research stations and the known emperor penguin colonies related?
The Delhi chief minister, setting her eyes on the 2013 assembly elections, declared that not a single house in the capital's unauthorised colonies will be demolished.
Colonies of army ants, whose long columns and marauding habits are the stuff of natural-history legend, are usually antagonistic to each other, attacking soldiers from rival colonies in border disputes that keep the colonies separate.
GLOBAL SWARMING Phase transitions, far from being limited to ant colonies, appear to be a ubiquitous feature of animal groups.
The first of many crises widening the breach between Britain and her American colonies was the proposed Stamp Act in 1764.
Before the war, the colonies shared an economic dependency on England as well as a class system where increasing concentrations of landed wealth had already begun to limit social mobility for the poorest of the poor.
Global connections: Why France needed immigrant workers, where its colonies were, and how those connections relate to current problems.
Note that Africans who were hired by Europeans to oversee their colonies often ruled cruelly.
The generation time for SCVs is up to 9-fold longer than for metabolically normal strains, which results in tiny colonies that are frequently not visible until after 48 to 72 hours of incubation.