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We document distinctive patterns in New Zealand archaeology that reflect continuity in traditions of colonisation, mobility and exchange that were introduced into the Pacific 3000 years earlier in western Melanesia.
Obsidian exchange and colonisation in western Melanesia
The early Austronesian sites display a distinctive pattern of obsidian movement associated with colonisation.
The implication is that in these colonisation phase sites the value of obsidian '.
We identified a small increase in Serratia marcescen colonisation cases in July and we have been closely monitoring all colonisation cases.
The research leader, Dr Leonie Robinson, said: "Although the key facts about barnacle colonisation are well known, it is rare that such a unique opportunity arises to assess all facts together in such a well designed ecological experiment.
They are never normally found on sandy beaches such as Crosby but the hard surface of the sculptures has provided them with an ideal habitat for settlement as well as offering scientists an important insight into factors influencing colonisation.
La poursuite de la colonisation israelienne ruine tous les efforts de paix, que ce soient ceux du President (americain) Barack Obama ou ceux du President (francais) Nicolas Sarkozy", a t-il declare a l'AFP.