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We would also expect a number of babies to be colonised with SM .
Our trigger for screening is if a baby develops a bloodstream infection, which is why we have taken the precaution of isolating the colonised babies and creating a separate neonatal area for new admissions while we investigate.
She said that only 25 percent of women with follicular fluid colonised by this bacteria, had achieved a successful pregnancy.
Further tests showed that not all the babies are colonised with the same form of serratia, which strongly suggests that the bacteria has not been spread through cross-contamination.
A spokesperson for Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust confirmed that three babies have been identified as being colonised with serratia.
One of the babies is also colonised with pseudomonas.
I say colonised because they formed an enclave of Welsh people who didn't integrate into the country, they didn't adopt the language of their new country.
The Swedish researchers found that 70% of those they studied were colonised with bugs caught from other patients in their unit.
Seventeen of the patients were colonised by CoNS during their hospital stay.
This little library and resource centre for a secondary school in Nimes is an instructive example of how an existing building can be colonised and transformed by a series of sensitively judged interventions.
There is concern that other African countries don't want to be colonised by an economic power," says Gelb.