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Colonialism, then, was not a benevolent act as the coloniser would have us believe.
It was in this context that the colonisers came up with an elaborate scheme to strike at the very heart of native confidence: "to create a class of persons Indian in blood and colour, but English in tastes, in morals, in opinions and in intellect.
So would it not be a more significant contribution to coloniser-indigenous reconciliation if our coloniser identities were made explicit while making such an attempt?
They will attack those English-speaking colonisers and immigrants, as they now call the rest of us, and they will spend all week deepening and strengthening each others' prejudices.
The concentrated populations, settled villages, cultivated gardens, chiefs, armies and fortifications of 'the New Zealanders' (as they were originally called), and their initial preponderance of numbers, made it impossible for the colonisers to ignore their rights and interests.
It's a division between the colonised and the colonisers, as can be seen by the viscous grip the Labour Party has had on the Valleys for over a century, in which anything remotely Welsh, was ignored and neglected and subjected to discrimination because it didn't fit the image of the colonisers represented by the Labour Party.
The project, run by Newcastle University in association with population experts at Oxford University, aims to find out how the country has been influenced by colonisers from the Vikings and Romans to the Celts and the Normans.
Therefore, where is the originality of the African constitutions, if without the support of Africa's former colonisers most African countries cannot conduct their elections?
Taken together, the picture of indigenous missionaries established in The Covenant Makers is a confronting one, certainly for descendants of colonisers.
FOREIGN Secretary Robin Cook's "ethical" foreign policy means invading the territory of the former Yugoslavia (of which I happened to approve) - and then inviting representatives of the Indonesian regime, brutal colonisers of East Timor, to attend an arms sales fair in this country.