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While not denying that the colonial places had their own types of ruthless leaders, what colonialism did was to develop friendly alliances with or embolden such leaders who, in turn, helped the coloniser to subjugate colonial spaces.
Punj also forgets that the colonisers also imparted several things modern in this part of the world, which was descending into the headquarters of mumbo-jumbo with kings having no time except for self-aggrandisement and quarrelling with each other.
It was in this context that the colonisers came up with an elaborate scheme to strike at the very heart of native confidence: "to create a class of persons Indian in blood and colour, but English in tastes, in morals, in opinions and in intellect.
The city's history of attrition with foreign colonisers, migrant workers and refugees, began in 1842 when Shanghai was chosen as one of the first five Treaty Ports in which foreigners would be allowed to trade, but not reside.
1989: In Australia, the Native Title Bill was passed, allowing Aborigines to claim land taken by European colonisers 200 years earlier.
My sympathies lie with the Zulu warriors who fought to defend their native land from the aggression of Britain's colonisers.
They will attack those English-speaking colonisers and immigrants, as they now call the rest of us, and they will spend all week deepening and strengthening each others' prejudices.
These competing reactions have to do with the fact that my academic training in mainstream psychology is more similar to Duckitt's but more importantly, since reading Decolonizing Methodologies, I have not been able to avoid seeing myself as a member of the category colonisers.
The concentrated populations, settled villages, cultivated gardens, chiefs, armies and fortifications of 'the New Zealanders' (as they were originally called), and their initial preponderance of numbers, made it impossible for the colonisers to ignore their rights and interests.