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The nature of mortar and its wealth of organic elements make it a readily colonizable habitat for autotrophic (producers) microorganisms, which then facilitate the arrival and settlement of heterotrophs (consumers and destroyers) such as fungi (Nuhoglu et al.
This distancing seems, within the deep logic of the story (a logic much more thoroughly ingrained far below the superficial lack of "logic"), to transform the space into an island, which when seen as "the" Caribbean island repeated stands as a colonizable space.
A esta vision del territorio colonizable, se le impone la mirada de la Lucia colonizadora, consciente de la debil posicion de los espanoles al notar "la no muy fuerte fortaleza de los espanoles, su poco numero" (33), pero de nuevo aparecen los tropos retoricos que Spurr denomina "Aestheticization" (43) y "idealization" (126) como modo de enmascarar el proyecto de dominio y control que Lucia anhela para esa tierra y sus pobladores originales.
Because the Ottawa and Lenape peoples were aligned with the French, Newcastle's suggestion--to conduct biological warfare on friendly tribes--disturbingly encourages the indiscriminate eradication of colonizable peoples.