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By planting the internally colonized seed, the bacteria get activated and proliferate and colonize the offspring generation plants.
It is exactly these types of issues the creators of Colonize This
It is applied beneath the plant canopy, where it competes against its aflatoxin-producing cousins, which generally colonize plants that are stressed by drought conditions.
Hundreds of years and hundreds of light-years from Earth, Matthew Fleury is awakened from cold sleep to help colonize the new clone-Earth world called Ararat.
Of all the ways animals might reach islands to colonize them, boating has long been a controversial option.
It tells the story of the rise of early civilizations and asks why some peoples got a headstart over others, enabling them to colonize other territories.
Sphagnum moss is remarkable for its thirst and its ability to colonize shallow acidic ponds.
Malls have already colonized our countryside; let's not let them colonize our brains.
This so-called adventure was chartered in 1606 by King James I and authorized two companies: the Plymouth Company (meaning Plymouth, England) was to colonize northern sections of North America; the London Company was to be active in the southern territories claimed by England.
A knockout mouse lacking loricrin in its skin cells allowed fewer bacterial cells to colonize its nasal passages than a normal mouse.
CA-MRSA strains often colonize children without healthcare-associated risk factors.