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For example, the educational policies in India and the countries in Africa colonized by Britain mirrored the British educational system.
In addition, these zoological categories are assigned a hierarchy of value; the animalistic colonized is incapable of holding human values and is thus considered "the quintessence of evil.
Thirty-nine patients were identified as colonized by rectal swab screening but no subsequent clinical isolate was identified.
The rate of vertical transmission can be 66 per cent in neonates born to colonized mothers (1).
In one technique, the blot succession method, glass cover slips were colonized with pathogens in inoculated tryptic soy broth.
On every farm that had a colonized horse, there was at least one person who was colonized with an indistinguishable strain," Dr.
The contributors scrupulously illustrate that the holders of the colonial gaze can be men as well as women from both colonizing societies (such as the Roman Empire, Britain or France) and colonized groups (such as Muslims in Spain, Indian nationalists or Korean elites under Japanese invasion).
This historic congress was attended by representatives of colonized peoples in Asia and Africa, and by their European and Latin American supporters.
Calling for an awakening to the race consciousness and the riches of blackness, Nardal discouraged the students from imitating the French, who ostensibly appeared to bestow freedom on the colonized, but only on condition of their assimilation at the cost of self-negation.
Provocative classroom discussions can use as a point of departure the question of just how patriarchal thinking, when universalized, can provide the ideological framework for the domination not only of women, but of conquered and colonized peoples, individuals of other races and classes, and indeed the natural world itself.
Sharbaugh's article: "Upon the transfer of a patient colonized and/or infected with MRSA from a hospital, private facility, or another facility to a nursing home or other long-term care facility, nursing and ancillary personnel need to understand that AROs are primarily opportunistic pathogens, in that they tend to cause infections in individuals who are debilitated and prone to the development of infectious complications, such as LTC residents.