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7) The language of species used by Fanon is chosen from the vocabulary of the colonists themselves, whose dehumanization of the colonized subject leads them to speak in "zoological" terms when referring, for instance, to the "yellow multitudes.
Hahn states, patients on azithromycin were less likely to become colonized with bacteria, but when they did, the organisms were more likely to be macrolide resistant.
oxytoca was uncommon in the 9 years before the outbreak; from January 1, 1997, through September 30, 2006, 10 clinical isolates (no bacteremias) and 6 colonized patients were identified.
5) In this vein, it must be acknowledged that the colonized cannot find out their own identity, unless they recognize their search for origin as a myth or ideology constructed under colonial rule.
At discharge, 63 (62%) of the 102 infants remained colonized.
At 1 month, 21% of the infants were found to be colonized with S.
In one technique, the blot succession method, glass cover slips were colonized with pathogens in inoculated tryptic soy broth.
On every farm that had a colonized horse, there was at least one person who was colonized with an indistinguishable strain," Dr.
Sovereignty and revolution are recurrent themes in the essays written by those who have been colonized.
First, colonized women were depicted either as morally corrupt, ignorant, promiscuous individuals who needed colonizer's guidance or as noble savages who embodied desirable virtues such as chastity, modesty, purity.