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COLONY. A union of citizens or subjects who have left their country to people another, and remain subject to the mother country. 3 W. C. C. R. 287. The country occupied by the colonists is also called a colony. A colony differs from a possession, or a dependency. (q.v.) For a history of the American colonies, the reader is referred to Story on the Constitution, book I.; 1 Kent, Com. 77 to 80; 1 Dane's Ab. Index, b. t.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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And our rulers, who been colonized just as thoroughly as their people, have never ever tried to make the laws that neither reflect our moral and social values nor our religious beliefs.
Those who were colonized at follow-up in at least one of the three sites sampled had more severe disease, with a mean SCORAD--or disease severity score--of 37, compared with those who were not colonized at that time, with a mean SCORAD of 28 (P = .067).
In regard to the clinical characteristics of colonized patients, all but one had been admitted to hospital in the previous month, and in none of them a source of infection was known at the time of admission; the mean hospital length of stay was 12.6 days and 40% of them had more than one episode of febrile neutropenia over the duration of the study.
In a similar context, Fatima Rony argues that under colonialism, colonized people were deemed "ethnographic: of an earlier time, without history, without archives" (Rony 194).
Second, our population was exclusively composed of patients who were chronically colonized with P.
During the study period of 18 months, 17 VRE colonized patients identified in the first year of hospitalization and six patients who had been hospitalized in other centers for fever were not included in the analysis.
In reality, a significant portion of this machine was composed of colonized citizens, thought to be capable of coping with the severe climate and of playing the buffer role that fell to them.
The British imperial system and its structures have had a deep impact on the colonized societies through the present day.
As ATO Sekyi-Otu has pointed out, the admonition of what Bhabha calls Fanon's "more immediate identification" with the colonized in Wretched hinges on isolating the moment of "reverse Manicheanism" in Fanon from the larger unfolding of Fanon's own dialectical narrative of decolonization.
We chose to determine macrolide resistance by comparing resistance rates only in the colonized patients (66 on azithromycin and 172 on placebo), not the whole group--the majority of whom were not colonized at all.
Hospital infection-control guidelines provide that each patient colonized or infected with class A ESBL-producing Enterobacteriaceae be moved to a separate, single room with contact precautions in place.
The researchers subsequently infected both colonized and non-colonized germ-free mice with a parasite.