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Owing to differences of places, travelers, in the context of colonialism, enjoy a superior status of being the colonizers and they regard the new place and the people in it as inferior and subordinate to their country and themselves.
These two elements, the creation of domination and the constantly identifiable "external" reason for that domination, allows the native an anchoring point, a point of decision, in which the logic of Manicheanism used by the colonist becomes the very basis for the colonized to conclude that "destroy[ing] the colonial world means nothing less than demolishing the colonist's sector, burying it deep within the earth or banishing it from the territory" (26) In sum, the Manicheanism introduced by the colonizer and built into the colonial situation as a whole, becomes the basis for unifying the subjugated race against its foreign oppressor.
Administering the Colonizer provides a highly valuable, well-constructed case study of Chinese-European relations in Northern Manchuria in the 1920s.
Looking at the methods employed by the Zionist colonizers against Palestinians, one immediately sees parallels to those used by the U.
The colonizer maintains a grip on subjugated people through cultural hegemony, tolerating individuals from subjugated groups, volunteering allegiance to the subjugated group, and pacifying the will to resist.
First, and most obviously, North America was not empty when the colonizers came.
Power relations in the Umuaro region have changed with the intervention of the colonizer.
Twin brothers abandoned as infants and raised by a she-wolf, Romulus and Remus represent the civilized and the wild, the colonizer and the colonized.
The Avicorr product line consists of Avicorr Feed Additive (a microbial feed additive that targets specific challenges faced by turkey and broiler producers), Avicorr Water Soluble (the water soluble form of Avicorr Feed Additive offering a different delivery option), Avicorr Colonizer (a microbial treatment that provides the specific strains of bacteria to colonize or re-colonize the digestive tract) and Avicorr Litter Treatment (microbial litter treatment to aid in the proper decomposition of manure).
Alexander does, however, make a good point about Jamaica Kincaid's name change from Elaine Porter Richardson to Jamaica Kincaid as a marked rejection of the colonizer, attaching her name to Blackness and Caribbeaness, thus claiming the mother's land and motherland.
In losing its various figurative meanings, its traditional connection to scholasticism and the priesthood charged with conveying its allegorical, moral, and anagogical senses to the faithful, the Protestant Bible became at once a text of real historical and geographical significance, a document of puzzling cosmological assertions, and a storehouse of explicit and seemingly unambiguous imperatives about mankind's role as cultivator of the soil, explorer of the heavens, and colonizer of other lands.
However, he succeeds in presenting the four within the Arab discourse in English between 1908 and 1958 that dealt with colonial hegemony over the Arabs, and he shows them to be, in various degrees, using the value system of the colonizer rather than that of the colonized.