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After depicting the life of bondage under the rule of the colonizer, the novel proceeds to describe the national struggle for liberation that leads to the Algerian War of Independence.
Montgomery's distinguished heritage is almost that of the colonizer but not quite and with the "strong mixture of Catholic and Calvinist blood [coursing] in [his] veins" (98), subsequently raises suspicions regarding its possible mimetic origin.
Though China is no colonizer, it would be a mistake to assume that its growing global footprint is purely benign.
To differentiate between the colonizer and the true pathogens from the organisms grown from the culture of respiratory secretions.
Antoinette's use of Obeah was misguided because instead of trying to free herself from the colonizer, she attempted to change him.
Owing to differences of places, travelers, in the context of colonialism, enjoy a superior status of being the colonizers and they regard the new place and the people in it as inferior and subordinate to their country and themselves.
These two elements, the creation of domination and the constantly identifiable "external" reason for that domination, allows the native an anchoring point, a point of decision, in which the logic of Manicheanism used by the colonist becomes the very basis for the colonized to conclude that "destroy[ing] the colonial world means nothing less than demolishing the colonist's sector, burying it deep within the earth or banishing it from the territory" (26) In sum, the Manicheanism introduced by the colonizer and built into the colonial situation as a whole, becomes the basis for unifying the subjugated race against its foreign oppressor.
Administering the Colonizer provides a highly valuable, well-constructed case study of Chinese-European relations in Northern Manchuria in the 1920s.
Returning to the theme of India's freedom from the colonizer, which led to the struggle, one is amazed at women in the frontline of this struggle.
While Kyung-Won Lee upholds that colonial discourse is a monolithic, unidirectional, monologue flowing from the colonizer to the colonized, I, however, claim that it is a mutual, bi-directional dialogue between colonizer and colonized.
Based on a nadir population of 250,000 around 1900, the American Indian holocaust perpetrated by Euroamerican colonizers claimed at least 9 million lives.
Writers who were still operating within the old assumptions of the colonizers saw their endeavor as a "civilizing mission.