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COLONY. A union of citizens or subjects who have left their country to people another, and remain subject to the mother country. 3 W. C. C. R. 287. The country occupied by the colonists is also called a colony. A colony differs from a possession, or a dependency. (q.v.) For a history of the American colonies, the reader is referred to Story on the Constitution, book I.; 1 Kent, Com. 77 to 80; 1 Dane's Ab. Index, b. t.

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The strains of probiotics in the RCTs included Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus, Saccharomyces, and Streptococcus species with at least 10 billion colony-forming units, with multiple strains used in some trials.
Specific agar (Chromocult) was used to enumerate colonies, and the number was converted to colony-forming units per cubic meter of air (Chinivasagam et al.
After comparing the number of colony-forming units (CFUs) before and after irradiation "we were able to demonstrate that we could achieve well over 90% reduction in each of those three bad bugs after using the UV light," said Dr.
The primary outcome was the 14-day EBA assessed in a central laboratory from the daily fall in colony-forming units (CFU) of M.
55 billion colony-forming units of probiotics--more than in 12 cups of typical yogurt and more than any other bar available.
They used mathematical models to estimate the number of colony-forming units that appeared within three hours of inoculation.
Microbiological tests at Bayer HealthCare have shown that the new film reduces the number of colony-forming units of pathogens by at least [10.
But the concentration of live Lactobacillus species needed to be present is between 109 and 1011 colony-forming units (CFU) per day.
The median number of colony-forming units isolated from stethoscopes was 35, with a range of 0-247.
When 24 of the stethoscopes were cleaned with an alcohol wipe as part of the study, the median number of colony-forming units plummeted to 0, with a range of 0-59.
The Environmental Protection Agency recommends a safe standard for enterococcus to be no more than 158 colony-forming units per 100 milliliters of water.

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