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Nevertheless, we also consider this book to be a single edition, since the collation sequence runs consecutively through the book and no colophon marks the end of the chapters.
The Colophon first appeared in February of 1930, with book designers Elmer Adler, Burton Emmett, and John T.
The Grove colophon became a kind of quilting point enabling this network to coalesce around a distinct set of aesthetic sensibilities and political affiliations" (7-8).
The printer having the playbook announce its own maker may at first seem a fairly straightforward way for him to claim credit for his activities, but the language of the colophon obscures the complexity of Rastell's role.
Today, visitors to CHS' North Baker Research Library can read Jeffers' "history of my first book" in the issue of The Colophon housed in the Kemble Collections on Western Printing & Publishing.
In this respect, Li, for all the humility of his colophon, assimilates the great poets within his own unpretentious conception of the world and makes light of the painter-poet's drama of creation.
3) I have noticed typographical errors when transcribing primary materials that should be corrected if and when the book is reprinted: when transcribing the colophon to De Worde's 1498 edition of The Assembly of Gods (fig.
The translation is comfortable, although not free of the occasional awkward phrase, and there are several instances of editorial slips, such as the incorrect date of original publication given in the colophon.
The manuscript's colophon states that the Libro de natura de amore was a vernacular translation of a youthful Latin work "written during the time when Naples was in tumult" (1494-96).
There was also a town called Colophon in Lydia, and the word 'colophonian' seems to have come about through a confusion with Colophonian (with a capital C) for an inhabitant of Colophon.
595-647," the colophon at the end of the second volume reads "Basilae, apud Iacobum Parcum impensis Episcopij Iunioris, Anno salutis humanae MDLV mense Augusto.
Not only is it an artist's sketchbook of the highest quality but it contains a colophon that provides vital information about the date of its creation, the artist who made it, and the historical circumstances under which it was made.