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Antonina and Andrea Piacentino are known to have printed one work after May 1505 -- Opera della diva Catharina da Siena in rima the colophon is signed "per Donna Antonina de maestro Errigh de Colonia e Andrea Piacentino.
Although, as noted above, several versions of the title include the term upasaka and this term is found in the colophon, the teachings occasionally address the behavior of monks and ascetics, as well as those of lay people of different stations.
My stepson Sean was only 15 when he took a job at the busy Colophon Cafe, in Fairhaven.
36) In his colophon to al-Basit he states that he finished the work on 20 Rabi' I 446/29 June 1054; (37) the work thus took almost two decades to complete.
In the Crow Terrace Poetry Case, one of Su Shi's poems singled out as offensive was originally written as a colophon following a set of paintings depicting imperial horses by the Tang-dynasty court painter, Han Gan [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (ca.
53 was first attributed by the colophon to Linconiensis, that is Grosseteste, but was corrected by another medieval hand to Ewangelici doctoris Wikleff; no.
Discussed are the formats, the pagination, the title line, the frame of the text, monochrome or hand-colored illustrations and ornaments, glosses in Brahmi script, colophons, dates, and corrections.
9m (just over 1m [pounds sterling])--four times the published estimate--for five sheets of calligraphic script of the 'Perfection of Wisdom' Sutra by Zhao Mengfu (1254-1322), signed and dedicated by the artist, mounted in album form, bound in silk, and bearing two of the artist's deals, sixty collectors' seals and one colophon.
againste the p[ro]testacion of Robert barnes, a small book issued by Elizabeth Pickering Redman from her shop at the sign of the George in Fleet Street, with a colophon dated 13 December 1540.
The entries, in alphabetical then chronological order by category of book, include foliation or pagination, illustrations or music, size, collation (pre-1600 publications only), page layout and summary of characters and colors used, missing material, manuscript additions, bibliography, and a brief statement situating the book in the history of its rite or pointing to special features, which may include information from a preface or colophon or important or unusual items within (vernacular texts, mensural notation, and the like).
The publisher's colophon at the end of the book duly emphasizes the richness of Kovamees's language, mightily enhanced by her supreme command of the island's dialect.
Stati & Signori, nelle cui terre libri si stampano" on the colophon.