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Nevertheless, we also consider this book to be a single edition, since the collation sequence runs consecutively through the book and no colophon marks the end of the chapters.
Likewise, a closer examination of The Colophon and the many lines of interconnection it facilitated can only enhance Benton, McGann, and other scholars' work on modern American publishing practices.
The first colophon dates the text on Samvat 476 Pausa sukla 9;
The first scribe had the job of putting down all the texts in sequence, leaving room for incipits and colophons.
35) As the privileged printer and bookseller of the Angoysses Douloureuses, (36) Janot reemphasizes his textual control each time he advertises his name, profession, and place of business in the colophons and on the title pages.
The colophon is reproduced in Benedictins du Bouveret, Colophons de Manuscrits Occidentaux des Origines au XVIe siecle, V, P-Z (Fribourg, Switzerland, 1979), 543-4.
Written backwards in order to achieve legible forward script on the final print, texts complemented drawings and the cleanness of serifs, colophons and decorative curlicues placed between separate lines of poetry and the drawings of men, beasts, plants and insects, reveals how passionately the artist sought for total compositional unity.
Colophons are found in some manuscripts and books made as long ago as the 6th century AD.
In each of these works, Pettibone carefully painted (in oil) the front covers and sometimes the title pages, dedications, or colophons of Pound's books against a flat, monochromatic background.
The volume concludes with an edition of all colophons and commentaries.
Tebbel says Knopf began using colophons in 1922 (II, 167); the firm did not begin using colophons-usually headed "A Note on the Type"--in Cather's books until 1925, with The Professor's House.
Discussed are the formats, the pagination, the title line, the frame of the text, monochrome or hand-colored illustrations and ornaments, glosses in Brahmi script, colophons, dates, and corrections.