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the end of it comes another colophon which dates the text to 16 days
The first scribe had the job of putting down all the texts in sequence, leaving room for incipits and colophons.
In the tradition of hand press publications, both volumes under review contain detailed colophons.
Latino's teaching capacity is illustrated mainly with autograph colophons signed "maestro," manuscripts in university bookhand which speak of him dictating to his students, manuscript illuminations, Inferno 15 and early commentaries of the Comedy.
The headings and colophons naming the scribe are in the same hand as copied the whole manuscript and the Middle English verse on the now detached wrapper.
In each of these works, Pettibone carefully painted (in oil) the front covers and sometimes the title pages, dedications, or colophons of Pound's books against a flat, monochromatic background.
The author explains each text, and includes both incipits and colophons of metrological and numerical tables.
Sometimes the painting itself may be lost but the perceptions of it may persist in inscriptions and colophons that can still be found in the form of printed books.
The inscriptions come from stone, mosaics, walls, brasses, artefacts, colophons, and autographs over the course of two millennia.
31) Of the women whose names appear in the subsidy, "well over half" were widows; (32) as a femme covert (married woman), however, Elizabeth would not have had an independent financial identity, and her invisibility in the subsidy rolls corresponds to the disappearance of her name from the colophons of books as a result of her transfer of the press to William Middleton, who began printing in 1541.
Colophons originally contained much of the printed matter that today occupies a book's title page.