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His [Monet's] interests in light, color, and atmosphere were ever present in his work, but Horton developed his own unique interpretation of his mentor's philosophy, incorporating a vivid color sense unlike any of his contemporaries.
Was this because they had a poor color sense, or was it because it was all they had on hand?
At Voice of Color, we know how overwhelming choosing paint color can be, and that's why we created the Color Sense Game to invite our customers to find colors that are personal and meaningful for all their painting projects.
INTRODUCTION: The faculty by which one can distinguish between different colors and color tones as excited by light of different wavelengths is known as Color Sense.
But on closer inspection, you're pulled into the depths of Mackprang's deft color sense, and above all, her painterliness.
That heightened color sense is evident in the 14 landscapes in oil on display in the Quinsigamond show.
He does, however, have the ability to beguile with an intrepid color sense, an ability to exploit both sly and overt abstraction, and a healthy appreciation for the threat that festers beneath the surface of the everyday.