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His [Monet's] interests in light, color, and atmosphere were ever present in his work, but Horton developed his own unique interpretation of his mentor's philosophy, incorporating a vivid color sense unlike any of his contemporaries.
and reintroduced it this past year, producing an even greater color sense and awareness in my students.
We design them, style them and source them," said Sinai, adding that the towels will display a unique color sense and palette.
Recognized as America's most popular proponent of the English country look, Buatta's consistent vision, outstanding color sense and detail-oriented mind have made him a favorite pick by clients who want a "hands-on" decorator.
Those prints, some of which are included in the retrospective, show characteristics that would inform Cruson's art throughout his career: elegant design, sharp color sense and fastidious attention to detail.
With an unerring color sense, Delehaunty can meld several different plaids into a surprisingly cohesive wool skirt; make multi-print children's T's with adorable appliques of button-nose kittens; and turns seemingly random swatches of wool into beautiful, color-rich sweaters.
As I continue on, I approvingly admire the young fashion innovator's bold color sense, personal style and refusal to blend in with the crowd.
Between the two forces -- Trans-Ocean's years of experience and relationships here and abroad and Manne's creative genius and color sense -- the output of new and recolored product is amazing.
Crayon Crisscross: Kids hone their color sense by catching runaway crayons on Olie's polka dotted rug.
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