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15 Table 3: Color vision status with and without filters.
They certainly have added some color vision," says Gerald Jacobs, a neuroscientist at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
He agrees with the authors' speculation that similar powers of dim-light color vision might turn up in nocturnal frogs.
Through the partnership, visitors to the Newseum who suffer from Color Vision Deficiency (CVD) can borrow EnChroma's glasses to see and fully appreciate the colors in exhibits.
It has long been known that birds have highly developed color vision that vastly surpasses that of humans.
Eye-opening debate While genetic studies revealed that the sense of smell declined in primates as they evolved better color vision, scientists continued to debate whether primates originally depended on that vision for spotting red leaves or ripe fruit against a leafy green background (164: 234).
The TwinVision(R) Chromatic Series incorporates colorized route capabilities while retaining EDSS message display advantages for the color vision impaired.
People with color vision deficiency (CVD) can borrow EnChroma's glasses to see and appreciate the colorful exhibition featuring live animals and immersive interactives that illustrate the role color plays in nature.
The article "Visionary Research: Scientists delve into the evolution of color vision in primates" (SN: 10/11/03, p.
With his unique color vision system, Robosapien V2 is able to recognize color and therefore differentiate between a human and an object.
The EnChroma glasses enable red-green color blind students, children, workers -- anyone suffering from color vision deficiency (CVD) -- to see and appreciate a more colorful world.
After all, most mammals seem to do just fine with a less-discerning color vision.