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The use of colored ink can be problematic as the student may not be able to see all of the text on the paper.
A graph is said to be total k - colored if it admits a total k - coloring.
After the cue ball hits a colored ball, the backspin will cause the cue ball to slowly roll back toward Austin.
Aluminum pigments include STAPA/SDF paste from very fine to extremely coarse particle size, pasted in different purity paraffin oils or DOP; Mastersafe pelletized, dustless and solvent-free aluminum pigments in a wide range of particle sizes; and Mastercolor colored aluminum flakes bonded with organic pigments that open new and innovative styles.
When the sprinkles were colored using this color system, the colors did not leach into the frozen yogurt.
Another hypothesis was that the visual drama on a reef represents conspicuous warnings that certain fish bear distasteful or toxic flesh: "Eat at your own risk." This idea dwindled in popularity as a widespread explanation when reef viewers recognized that many brightly colored fish are tasty and quite safe.
King points out in the first of twelve chapters that Saint Domingue's free coloreds had more reason than whites to legitimate their lives by availing themselves of the costly services of notaries, for a rising tide of legally-sanctioned discrimination was attempting to regulate, among other things, what clothes they could wear, what jobs they could hold, and even what surnames they could use.
Thus, products that were once darkly colored can be colored using bright or translucent colors knowing that these colors will not be dramatically affected by UV light.
Colored wood mulch has been around for about 10 years, says Vince Hundt, president of PCR Inc., Coon Valley, Wisc.
Instead they use filters, colored pieces of glass, which they place in front of the white light beams.
Clariant obtains more accurate predictions of the processing behavior of colored resins by giving Moldflow the real physical constants of the colored material, which Moldflow plugs into its database.