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Aluminum pigments include STAPA/SDF paste from very fine to extremely coarse particle size, pasted in different purity paraffin oils or DOP; Mastersafe pelletized, dustless and solvent-free aluminum pigments in a wide range of particle sizes; and Mastercolor colored aluminum flakes bonded with organic pigments that open new and innovative styles.
Several factors can affect demand for colored wood mulch, says Todd Schnathorst, marketing coordinator for Becker Underwood, Ames, Iowa.
Switch on flashlights and hold each about a centimeter from the white background so that they form overlapping circles of colored light (see diagram, left).
In addition, the light output of today's white LEDs has proven to degenerate much more quickly than that of colored LEDs.
Single point source luminaires beam light into hollow linear light guides to produce lines of unparalleled uniform white or colored light.