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These breakthroughs include patent applications in progress for a new Hearts and Arrows round cut, and the ability to atomically enhance the colorlessness of all Moissanite, including the Moissanite sold by Charles & Colvard.
The space's stark colorlessness provides a beautiful contrast with the canvases, which (even in their rolled-up and knotted state) exude a range of strong primary colors -- bright reds, blues, browns and yellows.
For example, Wang writes that "White is the shade of colorlessness, black is the mother of all hues together, they conceal all things, embrace all things, and bring all things to an end.
Carrying over the serial deployment, middling scale, and strict colorlessness of the earlier drawings, Bankhead now gives us what look like abstract paintings, each one emblazoned at its center with a star like motif of jet-black pigment radiating outward onto unprimed canvas.
e) After the indigo carmine, that did drip till a color of the solution changes into blue from colorlessness in [K.
But because of it, the contrasting depth and gravity of the Ariadne episode suffered-along with Pieczonka and the commendably performing Bacchus of Burkhard Fritz--from the static colorlessness of a black stage, loose black tunics and the ever-repeated idea of having identically clad dancers mirror the protagonists' every movement.
For all of his personal colorlessness, he appeared to relish his role as the bete noir of the reform movement.