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If her modernist experimentation links her to Eliot, and her lesbianism and defiance of bourgeois norms to Woolf, her conversion to Roman Catholicism and her sense of the liberating possibilities fantasy could offer to the humdrum colorlessness of the modern world link her to Tolkien.
In a similar appeal to ambivalence and hybridity, Colina chooses a national theme such as Carnival to theorize on colorlessness and the allegory of fantasy as a viable escape from social oppression.
Its colorlessness invites us to honesty and liberates us from the shame of color; its fluidity indicates the unstable foundation of buildings which human beings construct on a ground of illusion when they envisage an eternal world and deny the hereafter.
Like Hawthorne, July couches these themes in terms of associations with color, colorlessness, marks, and stains as opposed to associations with light; she also links them with volatile perception and with figurative references to depth and distance.
33) The space of lack that is black dissolves into colorlessness, the condition of absolute disappearance in "Morte":
Mubarak gave a rather strange explanation for the colorlessness of his regime, saying that he did not subscribe to a policy of 'shock therapy'.
Monochrome evocations of the sea and the coast prevail, with white, black, and green forming the dominant notes of Zola's palette, counterpointed by colorlessness.
The space's stark colorlessness provides a beautiful contrast with the canvases, which (even in their rolled-up and knotted state) exude a range of strong primary colors -- bright reds, blues, browns and yellows.
For example, Wang writes that "White is the shade of colorlessness, black is the mother of all hues together, they conceal all things, embrace all things, and bring all things to an end.
e) After the indigo carmine, that did drip till a color of the solution changes into blue from colorlessness in [K.
As always, severity is the keynote of Hildegard Bechtler's set, with towering folding doors dominating an intimidatingly high-ceilinged drawing room that's all drab grandeur and colorlessness.
But because of it, the contrasting depth and gravity of the Ariadne episode suffered-along with Pieczonka and the commendably performing Bacchus of Burkhard Fritz--from the static colorlessness of a black stage, loose black tunics and the ever-repeated idea of having identically clad dancers mirror the protagonists' every movement.