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Its beauty is not only skin deep however, since its 6 Megapixel image sensor captures images with excellent resolution and colour saturation. Reviewing pictures is a dream on the sharp, bright 2.5 inch LCD screen, and the very powerful battery has enough power for several hundred shots.
Puma uses Clarity's new optical architecture--designated XP--which uses a dual lamp engine as a back-up and takes advantage of a new colour LCD panel that provides improved colour saturation. It also supports Clarity's new ColorPlus option, which further enhances colour capability and aligns the AP/LCD technology with the European Broadcast Union (EBU) colour performance standard.
Webstyle 3.1 adds a new auto-enhancement option that offers one-click automated improvement of the contrast, brightness, sharpness and colour saturation of photos, saving hours of experimentation.
The level of colour saturation, efficiency and resolution achieved by Laboratoire d'Holographie (see p13) with hand-made emulsions gives the producers of low-cost mass-produced colour holograms something to aim for.
High quality picture contrast, focus and colour saturation. Flicker free pictures.
Contrast and colour saturation of ultra wide camera and its low-light imaging capability should also be optimised now.
They also can also offer better colour saturation and contrast.
The company says that it offers 20 percent greater colour saturation and 50 percent more depth than Soul Red, for a fresher, lustrous transparency.
As per LG, the quantum dot 4K TVs would give out the wide range of colour palette and enhanced colour saturation than conventional LCD TVs and would be reachable next year as part of its explored TV lineup.
Similar to that available in Canon's range of X-series camcorders, the new Picture Style works by lowering colour saturation levels and contrast during filming.
He criticised OLED displays, used by some of Apple's rivals for their "awful" colour saturation.