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Needless to say, the custom soon made its way from the district of Chromatistes to surrounding regions; and within two generations no one in all Flatland was colourless except the Women and the Priests.
She was descending quicker than most women into the colourless years, and the look in her eyes confessed it.
But Arthur would have known what was wanting to its completeness, though he had never heard of the words Little mother; though he had never seen the fondling of the small spare hand; though he had had no sight for the tears now standing in the colourless eyes; though he had had no hearing for the sob that checked the clumsy laugh.
A man of about forty-five with a thin, gray beard, and on his skull scanty, colourless hair: the eyes were closed and the lower jaw sunken.
He was as colourless of character as the neutral-coloured clothes he wore, as the neutral-coloured hair that sprawled upon his crown, as the neutral-coloured eyes with which he observed the world.
Tenders are invited for Providing and laying of microsurfacing surface consisting of a mixture of dry fine aggregate, OPC filler, Colourless Bituminous Emulsion with red pigment and water on a road surface including clearing cleaning of surface , mixing of microsurfacing seal in a suitable mobile plant, laying to provide even riding surface.
At this author's lab, colourless to near-colourless diamonds weighing >0.50 ct are subjected to advanced testing, while smaller stones (i.e.
Other Enterobaderiaceae such as E.coli do not express strong a-glucosidase activity and appear colourless or purple due to the uptake of crystal violet.
According to the Guardian, Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage tells the story of a man who is ostracised by four best high school friends, Mr Red, Mr Blue, Miss White and Miss Black because he is colourless, as his name is the only one without a kanji symbol for a colour.
Colourless diamonds are rare and desirable, but most have a faint yellow or brown tint.
However, Cambridge's Polysolar is hoping to take the technology a few steps further, creating a lower-cost and colourless product that mimics a regular window.
A probe has revealed that it takes only a few bucks to make the blue kerosene colourless again.