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Needless to say, the custom soon made its way from the district of Chromatistes to surrounding regions; and within two generations no one in all Flatland was colourless except the Women and the Priests.
The bushes were inky black, the ground a sombre grey, the sky colourless and cheerless.
Regarded apart from its reflection, the mirror presents a continuous, flat, colourless, unrelieved surface, - a thing always and obviously unpleasant.
Rucastle seemed to me to be colourless in mind as well as in feature.
In that impassive colourless man, with his straw hat and his butterfly-net, I seemed to see something terrible--a creature of infinite patience and craft, with a smiling face and a murderous heart.
A colourless, continuous wall ran down one flank of it, interrupted at intervals by dull-hued and dirt-stained doors, all shut fast and featureless save for the chalk scribbles of some passing gamin.
She lifted them to the ceiling, where the griffins and bassoons were colourless and vague, the very ghosts of joy.
Behind him the hills are open, the sun blazes down upon fields so large as to give an unenclosed character to the landscape, the lanes are white, the hedges low and plashed, the atmosphere colourless.
He remembered what a colourless slip of a thing she had looked the day he had met her at the station.
echoed her husband in a colourless voice, his eyes fixed on the ponies' twitching ears.
Upon a plain canvas-covered sofa lay the man from Shropshire, dressed much as we had seen him last, but so changed that at first I recognized no likeness in his colourless face to what I recollected.
Little islands rose here and there to support the strange and colourless vegetation of this strange world.