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Agatha stopped, and the column broke into a group about her.
These notes were published in parallel columns in The Boston Advertiser, October 19, 1876, and proved beyond question that the telephone was now a practical success.
Masters of Studzianka, they could sweep the plain, and by daylight the major could see two of their columns moving and forming on the heights.
It was noon when a tired and sweat-covered runner overtook the trudging little column.
Things began to whirl through my brain just as the cloudy column was now whirling in the room, and through it all came the scriptural words "a pillar of cloud by day and of fire by night.
Presently the calm head of a forward-going column of infantry appeared in the road.
The press of canvas she carried made her loom up high, end-on, like a gray column standing motionless directly in our wake.
A fire was left burning, to guide them by its column of smoke, and the travellers proceeded on their march.
At my command, the youth leaped into one of the corridors, and in column of twos the soldiers followed him in good order, each company entering the corridor only at the command of its dwar, or captain.
In another moment the gate would be opened and the head of the column pass out upon the death-bordered highway.
His torch was out; his fires were smoldering; a tall column of smoke that rose up and lost itself in the growing moonlight was all the sign he gave that he was a living Autocrat of the Sea and not the spectre of a dead one.
On the rock floor there was in these cases what looked, Sir Henry said, exactly like a broken column in an old Grecian temple, whilst high above, depending from the roof, the point of a huge icicle could be dimly seen.