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Vertica FlexStore(TM) is the only true enterprise-ready MPP columnar database that enables you to incorporate SSD, flash, and other future solid-state memory technologies to automatically store and accelerate the most performance critical data.
The ParAccel Analytic Database[TM] combines patent-pending innovations with a columnar, compressed, massively parallel, all-in-memory-capable architecture and is available as a virtual or packaged appliance on standard hardware from all major vendors.
Current Q&A users can immediately work with their Q&A DOS data, programming, columnar reports, security and more.
Wright, who led Merkle's evaluation of four columnar database vendors which involved three measured multi-terabyte proofs-of-concept, agreed that columnar databases are "well suited" for computing environments such as Merkle's massive consumer repositories.
The enhancements provide quicker access to data stored on columnar tables, which drive faster query performance for more agile business decisions.
In our case, the histopathologic findings demonstrated an inner surface of the cyst covered by a mucinpositive columnar epithelium connected to urothelium, with continuous transition between the two, suggesting that the mucinous tumour may have originated from a sequestered segment of the renal pelvic epithelium in the renal parenchyma.
These four new or enhanced capabilities are a part of a larger group of analytical innovations that Teradata recently brought to market in the areas of columnar, geospatial, hybrid storage, private cloud and temporal.
Histologically, the pancreatic ductal epithelium was replaced by complex, frondlike papillae that consisted of stroma lined by a single layer of epithelium, which was predominantly nonmucinous and cuboidal, with focal areas of columnar mucinous epithelium.
Of course, some might just associate evergreens with the columnar conifers so often dotted in among other specimens in the flower border to give height, structure and some colour throughout the year, but you can also feature evergreens in rock gardens, as feature plants in the shrub border and to add vibrance to containers.
The pure copper condensates are characterised by the columnar shape of the grains with the diameter of approximately 0.
There are a fossil forest and columnar basalt formations among the first five geosites.
Vertica Systems offers a true columnar analytic database management system that combines columnar storage with execution running on industry-standard hardware.