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The Hataw columnist then said he received a threat 'as a result of a column that I wrote critical of a government official's handling of the cases of slain journalists under the Duterte administration.
The readers must know if the columnist is protecting certain interests or pushing a certain agenda - political, business, or whatever.
The columnist concluded by stating that Israel would be the main aggressor in a possible war against Iran.
When I asked David Sirota, whose syndicated column runs in a few large papers like the San Francisco Chronicle, Denver Post, and Seattle Times, and a few dozen smaller papers scattered around the country, to predict the future of the op-ed column, he said, "The first thing you'll see is the death of the local national column," by which he meant a column about national issues, written by a local columnist employed by the paper in your hand.
Smith, who was a columnist at the paper for 13 years, frequently appeared as a guest radio and television commentator, and in 2005 was offered a daily show by ESPN.
Columnist Whelahan applauds As You Sow's efforts in shedding more light on the proxy voting process.
Like an attorney, a columnist will use facts that support his or her position, while leaving out facts that do not support it.
An admitted "free-trade liberal," New York Times columnist Paul Krugman nevertheless sees big trouble ahead for the nation because of outsourcing and foreign competition.
A bright and witty veteran columnist for The Daily News of Philadelphia shares his work in this collection.
October 30: "There's a growing sense that this race may involve tectonic shifts in the landscape of political journalism," predicts Los Angeles Times media columnist Tim Rutten.
John Aldridge ECHO columnist, Radio City and Sky pundit.