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Ideally, columnists must be impartial critics, not beholden to particular interests, or participants in a specific political, social or business activity.
Mushahidullah said that young columnists should make thorough study of historical events to enhance their knowledge, saying that only knowledge-based writing could attract the readers.
And in this issue, I'd like to sing the praises of the other IT columnists (in alphabetical order, of course): Stephen E.
I would be shocked if there were more than 10 or 20" columnists who could make a living just from their column, says Dave Astor, a columnist for The Montclair Times in New Jersey who covered the syndicate industry for many years at Editor & Publisher, the trade publication of the newspaper industry.
The board of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists takes neither credit nor blame for Sarah Palin's announcement on Friday, July 3, that she will resign as governor of Alaska," the NSNC said in a statement.
John Tierney is a columnist on the Op-Ed page of The New York Times.
When the professor writes a second column using the character, the editor asks who the person is, and the columnist explains.
When Cal called me recently to tell me that the Cincinnati Enquirer had dropped his column in favor of a pro-abortion columnist, you can understand why both Cal and I were disturbed by the paper's action.
Simers for failing to back Ryan like columnists Jay Mariotti, Woody Paige and Michael Holley.
Only Walter Lippmann was a more influential 20th century newspaper columnist.
After all, as a columnist for New York Newsday in the 1990s, I was accused of gay "neocon"-ing and movement bashing myself, especially when I called for the closing of sex clubs that didn't strictly enforce safer sex.