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On July 23, last year, Nurye was brought to the hospital in a comatose condition gasping for breath with pooled salivary secretion and high grade fever.
BienvenidoParedez, 42, a suspected drug pusher, remained comatose at QCGH at press time.
For the prediction of poor prognosis in comatose patients, appropriate predictors for clinical examination include the presence of myoclonic status epilepticus 24 h after CPR, absent pupillary light reflexes 72 h after CPR, and a GCS motor ≤2 score 72 h after CPR (Recommendation Level A, Evidence Class I).
BEIRUT: The prosecution in north Lebanon issued a decision Friday to expand their investigation into the death of Roula Ycoub, who was found beaten and comatose last year after reportedly being attacked by her husband.
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He's been excellent as a comatose Nick Tilsley lying silently in his hospital bed following that dreadful van crash.
ISLAMABAD -- Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan Sharat Sabharwal on Thursday will visit Indian death row convict Sarabjit Singh, comatose in hospital following a brutal assault,.
Attari (Punjab), April 28 ( ANI ): Family members of comatose Indian death row prisoner Sarabjit Singh, who is in coma after a brutal assault on him by fellow inmates in a Lahore jail, reached Pakistan on Sunday in the evening and met him in Jinnah hospital in Lahore.
Despite a court verdict ordering his treatment abroad at the expense of the state, the comatose protester Mo'awad Adel remains in a hospital waiting to be transferred to the United Kingdom.