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This will comb out any excess dirt and pick up small burrs or fragments of burrs you might have missed.
Ryan and his colleagues questioned this scenario at a meeting in January when they announced that comb jellies may descend from an ancestor that evolved before sponges.
In a few days, it enabled measurement precision comparable to the very best achieved in the same wavelength range with much more established techniques-and we hope the comb will do much better as the new technique is perfected.
One way to mend a comb would be through replacing the broken part.
The monolithic comb drives could make it possible to improve a class of probe-based sensors that detect viruses and biological molecules.
share little similarity with the theridiid comb," and concludes that these are "superficial similarities.
When I came home from town proudly brandishing my comb in the air, I was derided and questioned on my intellect and sanity.
He is keen to encourage greater awareness of well maintained shearing gear this season and for sheep producers to make sure they are using the correct comb for their particular breed.
Richard Apparicio, who has a salon in Pump Street, Worcester launched his Arc comb earlier this month at the NEC show - one of the country's major showcases for fashion and beauty products.
But now Worcester hairdresser and entrepreneur Richard Apparicio (above) has gone one better, by redesigning this basic haircare tool to produce the curved Arc comb.
Combs are an old-fashioned hair y that now look modern when wear them in pairs.