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MANILA -- Senator Paolo Benigno "Bam" Aquino IV on Tuesday came to the defense of his cousin, President Benigno Aquino III, saying the latter was not combative but "very sober" and in "good spirits" when he addressed the nation Monday to explain the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).
You have to be combative when you play against Scotland and we'll have to be as combative as they are.
MANCHESTER City have been dealt a blow with the news that combative midfielder Joey Barton could be sidelined for six weeks through injury.
While the research cannot prove that pepper spray will never be a contributing factor in the death of a subject resisting arrest, it seems to confirm that pepper spray is a reasonably safe and effective tool for law enforcement officers to use when confronting uncooperative or combative subjects.
A fittingly combative contribution to Interregnum studies, Scripture Uses will be the measure of much Vaughan scholarship in the future.
David Hill is a former Labour Party director of communications whose combative and blunt style prompted one Labour MP last night to describe him as "Alastair Campbell Mark 2".
KT Nelson was best represented by her combative but ultimately reconciled Footing, her 1999 Diablo Ballet commission that looked even better on ODC.
It's naive to think that scientists aren't as combative as athletes or businesspeople.
Their last collection mixed their own designs - made of supple, mass-produced fabrics in chestnut, gray, and beige tones but inspired by the sexy, combative universe of Japanese cartoons - with clothing purchased at thrift stores.
Ambulatory demented patients who are combative may victimize other non-ambulatory patients, as well, and may elicit combative responses in return by behaving in an intrusive, bothersome manner - for example, by pulling at blankets, singing or yelling loudly, or simply entering another patient's room.