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Thompson's version of events offers one clue to understanding the combatively collaborative relationship between the two men.
Cameron's book is a response to many scholars who argue that fourth-century Roman paganism was combatively durable in the face of Christian advance.
Weaving grand narratives with exceptional local richness, Reid demonstrates how the mixing-and-matching of these nationalisms has successfully contained challenges to the state by providing sufficient political space for alternative identities to coexist, although at times combatively, alongside state fealty.
It rolls with resistance rather than arguing combatively, while communicating commitment to stick with the problem until it is sorted.
Party representatives entered the mediation combatively with a high level of animosity, tension, mistrust, and pessimism, all resulting from two years of abortive negotiations and sewer labor relations.
As in the Copa del Rey final a week ago, Real Madrid started off combatively closing down the space as well as the player.
It has been expressed more vociferously and combatively by key leaders in the Senate, and by politically-charged commentators including Paul Krugman.
CHRISTOPHER WOODS MAINTAINS combatively in the opening sentence of this work, the fifteenth in the inestimable series of Maynooth Research Guides for Irish Local History, that travelers' narratives are "arguably the most important primary sources for Irish local history" (13).
Betty combatively opposed the "patriarchal behavior" of her husband and the NOI, and Malcolm "rarely, if ever, displayed affection toward her.
Ezz addressed the opposition-free Parliament to proudly declare that the ruling party had prepared itself combatively for the election battle while the opposition and independent candidates had sent their time in foolish talk.
Although the guest acted combatively when the officer attempted to rescue him, Lieutenant Morgan remained persistent and helped the injured man to safety.
Generously illustrated, both also offer the kind of genuinely revealing perceptions that provide a useful basis for comparing their combatively creative responses to politics and culture.