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In Cameron's view, this combatively durable paganism is a romantic myth.
The Guest-movie vets are spot-on as usual: Willard hilariously self-involved, Lynch combatively contemptuous of her co-anchor's inanity.
And now, with house prices yesterday revealed to be up 11% in the North-East this year and Newcastle's housebuilding giants Barratt and Bellway winning an increasing share of the market, the Irish company has combatively set its sights firmly on growth.
While combatively creating his series of pictures on the same subject, Monet, emphasising the elusive quality of the landscape, exclaimed, 'I feel nature transforming itself in plain sight, finally I fight back, I grind away.
Yet in 1651 and 1652, riled by his harsh experiences at Lynn and Boston, Clarke was in a combatively partisan mood.
For example, if the staff leader responds combatively or defensively to questions in a meeting, the board chair should take him or her aside for immediate coaching after the meeting.
Santorum's combatively devout approach is one Republicans are hoping will expand their control in the decade ahead by winning over traditional Catholics in Great Lakes states and Hispanic voters everywhere-and one Santorum has told friends he thinks can propel him to the presidency someday.
In support of the beleaguered Eggleton, Henault combatively echoed the Liberal party's official line that "Canada is more combat-capable now than it was a decade ago.
According to the Church of Smyrna's official Letter, "He was arrested when Statius Quadratus was the Proconsul, but Jesus Christ was reigning for ever," this finale combatively replacing the expected formal mention of the incumbent emperor.
Professor Ronald Hutton adds some academic authority,and although Nick wanders in and out of shot in blue jeans and leather jacket, swapping banter with the historical figures, he knows his stuff: ``It may be done for fun and entertainment but if any historians in the country would like to challenge me on the factual accuracy of theseries,I'll take them on any time they like,'' says Nick combatively.
Most males "do" gender by taking up space, behaving combatively, and participating in risky or aggressive acts.
In his letter, Dolan also combatively responded to claims that, with paclitaxel, BMS has profiteered on an invention given to it by the federal government [see "The Great Taxol Giveaway," Multinational Monitor, May 1992].