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This fact, he believed, helped shape miners' particular identity, their sense of being different, of hardship and sacrifice, and ultimately explained their discontent, combativeness and machismo.
Amid all the insipidness and lethargy that has characterised the end of season slump, Johnson's combativeness and leadership at the back has shone like a beacon.
Ambassador John Bolton is known for many things - intensity, brusqueness, combativeness and, above all, a neoconservative ideology that views multilateralism with suspicion and the United Nations with disdain.
Unlike bending down to pick up a box, her movement involves a person with a shifting center of gravity whose movements can range from listlessness to combativeness.
Sources say ABC's insatiable appetite for movies is fed by the network's steep decline during the last two years both in overall ratings and in the young-adult demos that it used to clean up on, while various sources attribute NBC's combativeness to at least three factors:
Cohn interprets strikes less as individual tests of will than as cumulative indicators of labor combativeness.
At Justice, Bolton developed a reputation for combativeness.
Smith welcomes back fans' favourite Ben Westwood after a sevenweek lay-off with a hand injury and the fiery backrower's sheer combativeness should give the Wolves a boost.
I always felt there was a combativeness about Liverpool people, a willingness to say boo to a goose," says Jeremy, who lives near Princes Park.
I can remember the County Durham golf team winning games we should never have won because Graeme's skill and combativeness lifted the whole side.