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Heatstroke occurs when someone's body temperature increases significantly (above 104[degrees]F) and shows symptoms of the following: strong rapid pulse, lack of sweating, dry flushed skin, mental status changes (like combativeness or confusion), staggering, faintness, or coma.
When the officers sought to arrest him he became highly obstreperous, and revealed unexpected qualities of combativeness and endurance.
Principles 'trampled' With characteristic combativeness, though, Sarkozy came out swinging in his tract in Le Figaro, a conservative daily.
1 ( ANI ): President Pranab Mukherjee has urged the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) to continue with their pioneering steps towards modernisation and enhanced combativeness, and to adopt state-of-the-art planning strategies to deal with security threats more effectively.
He stood down in 1986 after battling owner Robert Maxwell over pensions, his combativeness earning him praise as a "bonnie fechter".
He also noted that the code has taken into consideration the priorities of the next period, particularly regional and inclusive development, employment, reinforcement of activities with high added value, knowledge economy and exports, by relying on the principles of governance, transparency, sustainable development and improvement of combativeness.
While he was not a prominent attacking force, aside from providing the corner from which Steven Caulker headed home the winner, his desire and combativeness shone through.
Remarkably assured and confident off the pitch, he is a royal pain in the posterior on it, with his unrelenting physicality and combativeness.
This combativeness inhibits a conversation that might be had about how modernist scholars have productively engaged with global modernisms in recent years.
In tone, if not always in substance, a number of elected Republicans seem to be edging farther right -- and toward greater combativeness with President Barack Obama -- on numerous issues.
with the Schalke man's drive and combativeness in full evidence as he helped his side hang onto victory in the snow.
It lost another 22,000 tonnes to industrial action, and is likely to face further union combativeness in the furore, particularly from its army of subcontracted workers, who are looking for many of the benefits the company's own employees enjoy.