combination of funds

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Also, the funds invest in a combination of funds and securities, including absolute return funds that seek reduced volatility.
Prestige financed the acquisition with a combination of funds from its existing credit facilities and available cash, and expects the transaction would add approximately a half point to its leverage calculation at the time of the close.
Susan Watson, pictured, director of operational service at South Tees Hospitals said: "Extra resource has been provided from a combination of funds from the local clinical commissioning group and national money to make our services more resilient throughout the challenging winter months.
It does this though utilising a combination of funds and consulting, actively training local workers in technical and managerial skills through its Business Age programme, providing training in corporate governance in cooperation with the Egyptian Banking Institute, and training Egyptian youth in a variety of skills through the Egyptian BusinessmenC[bar]s Association.
SBICs use a combination of funds raised from private sources and money raised through the use of SBA guarantees to make equity and mezzanine capital investments in small businesses.
9 million SOC was paid for by a combination of funds from the state of Florida, the city of Orlando, including the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, and AirTran.
3 billion in total ARRA funding--representing a combination of funds under Title I ($562 million), special education ($660 million), vocational rehabilitation ($28 million), independent living ($5 million), Impact Aid ($1.
With a combination of funds set aside annually for debt service and some bonding, he could rustle up enough to pay for the truck without seeking a debt exclusion.
The countywide Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority will allocate $4 million -- a combination of funds from the city of Los Angeles, the county and the state -- for its Winter Shelter Program, which offers food, shelter and case management services for the homeless between Dec.
ABA Corporate Finance will use a combination of funds, such as Seraphim, and angel investors to seek finance for small or early stage businesses.
A combination of funds from state and local sources paid for construction and furnishing of the Greenville center, which opened in January 2001.
A combination of funds from the school budget and a fundraising campaign has allowed the school to buy new furniture.