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As it is concluded previously that the mixing process in this situation depends on the combinative effect of the jet-promoted tumble and swirl motion, the lower mixing rate of the intermediate injection case (see Figure 12) substantiates the less effective mixing process due to the weaker tumble peak induced by the event of injection.
The effect of an ambidextrous supply chain strategy on combinative competitive capabilities and business performance.
More specifically, studying TCL's acquisition of Thomson's television set business in 2004, Deng (23) showed how weakness in three dimensions absorptive capacity: the capacity to understand the strategic assets acquired; combinative capabilities to assimilate and integrate these assets; and the capacity to transform and apply them for advantage in the market, led to poor performance of this acquisition.
In the context of innovation and network theory, a firm that can leverage its combinative capabilities, with respect to knowledge, and control its supply chain network can generate significant innovation performance (c.
Various forms of managerial influences are suggested to shape the manner in which absorptive capacity emerges within the firm including the prevailing dominant logic among managers, extent of knowledge sharing among managers, and combinative managerial capabilities (Dijksterhuis et al.
Combinative therapeutic approach for better blood sugar level control in alloxan diabetic mice, Int.
We advance and test an institutional anomie theory of opportunity entrepreneurship for understanding the combinative effects of selected cultural values and social institutions to explain national differences in rates of opportunity entrepreneurship.
A combinative approach of MCDM methods in Fuzzy environment for financial performance evaluation of companies also provided.
These three distinctly combinative layers are marked by a sophisticated color palette that is refined for a global scale, enabling design variations suitable for any region.
Rather, urban architectures--and sustainable communities, specifically--denote combinative strategies that seek to preempt, prepare, and offer protection against a range of threats, determinate and indeterminate, banal and extraordinary, as well as a range of aspirations.
The classification of EO inheritance in this work was loosely based upon Grant's (1996) knowledge based theory, Kogut and Zander's (1992) combinative capabilities, and Zahra and George's (2002) absorptive capacity.