combine forces

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Politicians sitting on the fence and not making any efforts to combine forces during the run up to such a serious referendum is a very worrying scenario and they can always say "it was not us".
Mark Francis is a London curator and writer, Hal Foster a Townsend Martin Professor of Art and Archaeology at Princeton: the two combine forces in POP.
The two are cruelly punished when they take too long returning with medicinal herbs needed for the master's ill daughter, even though they heal her, and 47 and a slave girl in love with John must combine forces to save John when the overseer takes him to his "killing shack.
As an aside, looking back to the July 1984 issue of Agri Marketing, one of the lead articles (by Bob Wetmore) was about ABC forming a new ag publishing group whereby Farm Progress and Miller Publishing combine forces to be housed in new offices in Lombard, Ill.
Because new administration systems can cost between $5 million and $10 million, insurers are finding that they need to combine forces to become big enough to afford the top systems.
Although it may seem unusual that these competing e-marketplaces would willingly combine forces, the fact that almost all of them have at least two similar major investors makes it all the more likely.
White and Cones combine forces to give an inside perspective on the experiences of black men in America.
Nests grow fast and can combine forces (SN: 10/31/98, p.
The former Ilse Witch, Grianne Ohmsford, is supposed to be grooming a new collection of Druids; but when she goes missing from her guarded bedroom it's her adolescent nephew Pen, elf Ahren Elessedil and his niece Khyber, and Grianne's own servant, Tagwen the dwarf, who combine forces to rescue the High Druid of Shannara.
and his colleagues at Yale University propose that "autoreactive" T-lymphocytes are the real protecting influence and that CD4 and CD8 cells combine forces for a destructive effect.