combine with water

See: dilute
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Complete the installation, provides power to combine with water.
A reaction occurs when silica in some aggregates and alkalis in concrete combine with water to form a gel-like substance known as ASR.
Much uncertainty still surrounds the underlying environmental chemistry of how combinations of disinfectants, anticorrosives, coagulants, and fluoridation agents combine with water qualities such as pH, alkalinity, temperature, oxidation potential, and concentrations of other chemical species to affect lead in drinking water.
Hu suggest that the reaction between bisulfite (HSO3-) ions and oxygen produces disulfate (S2O7=) ions, which then combine with water and decay into sulfate and hydrogen ions.
PVC is quite a hazardous substance to manufacture, as it requires a great many additives to make it moldable, and gives off many noxious chemicals, including chlorides, which can combine with water vapor to form hydrochloric acid.
2 and other oxides, which can then combine with water to form nitric acid and hence acid rain.
In moist soil, the CO2 will combine with water to form carbonic acid (H2CO3).

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