combined effect

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I am strongly induced to believe that as in music, the person who understands every note will, if he also possesses a proper taste, more thoroughly enjoy the whole, so he who examines each part of a fine view, may also thoroughly comprehend the full and combined effect.
the key-bugle: the combined effect of which instruments, when they all played different tunes in differents parts of the ship, at the same time, and within hearing of each other, as they sometimes did (everybody being intensely satisfied with his own performance), was sublimely hideous.
With that, Traddles, who was flushed with walking, and whose hair, under the combined effects of exercise and excitement, stood on end as if he saw a cheerful ghost, produced his letter and made an exchange with me.
The slight and delicate woman was sinking beneath the combined effects of bodily and mental illness.
Washington, September 27 ( ANI ): In a new study, researchers have shown the combined effect of neuroprotective therapies - voluntary physical exercise and daily intake of melatonin, against Alzheimer's in mice.
This has a combined effect of preventing over-boost and reducing engine outlet pressure for improved fuel economy at high load operating condition.
Works like Entering the City of Omniscience, Peanut Butter Wolf, Natural Born Hippie, and Rainbow Body (all works 2005) all contain numerous wildly divergent marks, the combined effect of which resists neat summary.
James suspects that autism develops under the combined effect of several gene mutations that deplete glutathione and of exposure of a child to heavy metals or other poisons.
A spokeswoman said: "It was felt the combined effect of the style, tone and format of the programme did not lend itself to the insertion of a centre break.
The combined effect helps improve the quality of aluminum alloys and reduces operating costs.
The letter notes that TEI has frequently criticized the inequitable features of the Canadian interest assessment regime, including the combined effect of the nondeductibility of interest levied on tax underpayments, the taxable nature of interest on overpayments, as well as the interest-rate differential between the two.
Fortunately for the owner, the court decided that the combined effect of the two acts barred an action against the owner.

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