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368(a)(1)(A) purposes, a statutory merger or consolidation is a transaction effected pursuant to the statute, and all of the assets (other than those distributed in the transaction) and liabilities of each member of one or more combining units (each a transferor unit) become the assets and liabilities of one or more members of one other combining unit (the transferee unit), and the combining entity of each transferor unit ceases its separate legal existence for all purposes.
The DOB amended Local Law 77 to eliminate the necessity of obtaining a certificate of occupancy where the alteration only consisted of combining apartments to create a larger residential apartment.
According to the temporary regulations, the requirement that a transferor combining entity cease its legal existence will be met if it continues to exist for certain limited legal purposes, such as to defend itself against, or bring legal actions for, activities it engaged in before the merger's effective date.
This press release contains forward-looking statements or predictions, including statements regarding the potential closing of the proposed merger between Axonyx and TorreyPines Therapeutics, the trading of the combined company's stock on the NASDAQ Stock Market, the amount of cash expected to be held by the combined company at closing, the timing for anticipated occurrence of key milestones related to each company's product candidates, the characteristics and possible uses of the product candidates of each of Axonyx and TorreyPines Therapeutics, the expected advantages of combining Axonyx and TorreyPines Therapeutics, and the expected timing of closing of the merger.
Darwin Partners' tailored solutions are designed and implemented with the client in mind, and help drive immediate business value across the enterprise by leveraging existing client capabilities and combining them with proven methodologies and core competencies.
We are leveraging a broader product line and combining the two companies' human resources and experience in order to meet the market's demands for seamless management and better quality of care for patients with chronic and complex illnesses.
Highly complementary and experienced management team combining the successful emerging biotechnology commercialization track record of OXIS CEO Steve Guillen and the scientific and operational management experience of BioCheck CEO Dr.
By combining the resources of Aviza and Trikon, the new combined company will have an enhanced position as a global solutions provider and will be better able to address customer demands.
By combining these two independently growing technology companies into one stronger, more efficient entity, we expect to expand our presence in safety medical needles and create new opportunities to drive profitable growth," said Jeff Soinski, President and CEO of SHPI.
We believe that the opportunities in the industries that our companies jointly serve are substantial, and by combining our knowledge and resources we expect to be able to lead a new generation of breakthrough assays for the worldwide biomedical, pharmaceutical, and scientific research markets," stated BioCheck CEO Dr.
Combining our resources will allow us to pursue these opportunities more effectively than we could as separate entities.
As businesses increasingly turn to speech solutions to manage and improve customer interactions, combining our organizations creates a trusted provider of industry-defining technologies and applications.