come closer

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The shining object still lured him on and when he had come closer to it his eyes went wide in surprise, for the thing they saw was naught else than the jewel-encrusted emblem upon the prow of a small flier.
I wrote the blurb, then sent the author, Jeffrey Frank, an old friend, an embarrassing e-mail in which I said something to the effect that I felt like Edward Everett, who also spoke at Gettysburg that day-for two hours--and was left to write the other guy who spoke and tell him that he had come closer to the essence of the thing in two minutes.
In the later photos, for example, Terre comes closer to the people in his rituals and celebrations, and the people come closer to him: The camera is faster (he changed to a Nikon automatic in the early '90s), and the society moves faster too.