come forward

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It's good to see the amount of people that have come forward, not just in the Northumbria Police area but nationally.
Camelot spokesman Fabian Devlin said: "Time really is running out for the winner of this prize, but we are still hopeful that someone will come forward at the last minute to claim the money.
Now the owner will have to come forward very quickly if they want to reclaim the car, and they could have to pay all the fines.
We want to target anyone who may know something about this crime and we want them to come forward and clear their conscience.
Taxpayer Service will serve as the initial point of contact with nonfilers who desire to voluntarily come forward to file delinquent tax returns or to obtain information on the Nonfiler Program.
Secondly, the media is reasoning that they were scared previously and thus, didn't come forward.
30pm on May 31 to come forward and make their claim.
A LOTTERY winner still hasn't come forward to claim the Halloween night jackpot.