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But 'tis always the comeliest! The plain ones be as safe as churches--hey, Jenny?" The speaker turned to one of the group who certainly was not ill-defined as plain.
Even noted misogynist Joseph Swetnam, who spends pages of his combat manual praising the virtues of the rapier and dagger combination, sees the weapon as worthy of study precisely because of its capacity for deceit: 'I will speak more in commendations of the rapier and dagger, note it well, for it is the finest and the comeliest weapon that was ever used in England, for so much cunning to this weapon belongeth as to no weapon the like'.
Not directly lifted phrases, mind you, but taken the comeliest nouns and verbs into her safekeeping.
Depicted as complaining and discontent, she is at the same time "the comeliest and the most spirited woman in the neighborhood.