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We are confronted simultaneously with both the form or shape of, in this case, Murdoch's writing about Christ in these novels and that which shines forth from the form, the comeliness, making it into a worthy, a love-worthy thing.
Roghaye Ala'ee Kharraem [8] in a research, under the title of "Causative relations model of family, environmental and individual factors in drug abuse among adolescents of "Karaj" city's villages concludes: based on fair indies of comeliness (meaninglessness of Kh-2, small error) with controlling supposition stability of remaining variance, proposed model bears complete comeliness.
The protagonist seeks to disguise himself beneath scars of a pounding so brutal and disfiguring that the sexual predators who skulk in the penitentiary of his imagination might not recognize his comeliness.
He was of stature moderately tall; of a straight and 'equally-proportioned' body, to which all his words and actions gave an unexpressible addition of comeliness.
With lowly and chastised mien [bearing], but whoso is lifted up with vanity- with pride or riches or rank or foolish conceit of youthful comeliness and all on fire within with wantonness, as one that needs neither governor nor guide, but is fitted rather to be himself a guide to others--such a one is left alone, forsaken of God.
She writes the names we answer absent to in Fieri and Zagreb, weight and height, codes for comeliness of mouth and eye, and to take the edge off a cutting look she adds a soft sfumato touch.
When the narrator apologizes for the way in which "the artist sometimes got possession of the woman" she asks us to forgive her weakness as, paradoxically, "artless" vanity: "But, dear heart, we all have our little weaknesses, and find it easy to pardon such in the young, who satisfy our eyes with their comeliness, and keep our hearts merry with their artless vanities.
The comeliness owes more to the designers than to my choice of illustration, though I take care with this, and we've been blessed in our designers (two of them) over the many years I've been editor.
And therefore is the outward beauty a true sign of the inward goodness, and in bodies this comeliness is imprinted, as it were, for a mark of the soul.
Rather than throw the "female gorilla" overboard, the captain realizes he has an "African negress" of spirit, and figures her temper as well as her comeliness will be worth a good deal in the States.
Now Dobrzyn was famed throughout Lithuania for the courage of its men and comeliness of its womenfolk.