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I have seen men taller by a head, but none so comely and so royal.
On his comely head he set his helmet, well-wrought, with a crest of horse-hair that nodded menacingly above it, and he grasped a redoubtable spear that suited his hands.
The comely woman of whom I spoke was called So-ta, and she took such a lively interest in me that To-jo finally objected to her attentions, emphasizing his displeasure by knocking her down and kicking her into a corner of the cavern.
As she approached nearer I could see that she was a very comely creature, and like all her sex that I had seen in Caspak, apparently young.
Martha might have been the wife of a man who sat among the senators of his native state, and Adam could have won the hand, as he had unintentionally won the heart, of a rich and comely widow.
At the appointed time he approached, leading the bride, a comely copper-colored dame attired in her Indian finery.
The comely maths boffin beat Holly Willoughby, Kelly Brook and Caroline Flack to the dubious honour - helped, no doubt, by all those male students who are still in bed on a weekday afternoon.
A lot of these kids are not into sports,' said the comely 24-year-old.
It is such a comely park, enveloped by beauty and wonder.
It is hoped the sunshine will heal sores left by steamy allegations that his comely wife was bedded by a polo player.
In the fourth film in the fantasy franchise, comely Kate Beckinsale is back in leather as Selene.
Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas, who co-star together in the fairy-tale-based TV series "Once Upon a Time," were married last year just weeks before their first baby was born, so it's no surprise that, as we've now heard from two separate sources, the comely couple shelled out $3.