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Apples are ripe and ready for picking when they comes away from the tree easily if twisted, without the need to pull.
Jacob comes away changed in body and in spirit, blessed in that moment and for generations to come.
One comes away, despite the randomness, feeling that one has had contact with a thoughtful, original mind.
One comes away from these encounters (I do at least) refreshed and delighted by friendly and unsparing intellectual difference.
Fran Cote a fourth grade teacher from-the papermill town of Iroquois Falls, says she comes away from the tour with a greater awareness that the forestry industry is not the enviromnental "monster" as portrayed in the past; "that great efforts are being made to ensure that forests are being maintained in a sustainable manner.
Dettori rarely comes away empty-handed when he links up with his former boss Luca Cumani, who sent Kuster out to make a winning debut at Epsom 12 months ago.
In either case, whichever company comes away with Southwest Gas will be the largest stand-alone gas distribution company in the United States.
Most of all, one comes away awed by Vidal's career--not just his writing but also the people he has known (he is related to the late Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis), his politics (he has run for both the Senate and the House), and the fights he has gotten into (William F.
However, one also comes away from these essays with a real sense of dismay over the persistent inability of American leaders to grasp the realities of the Middle East.
One comes away from it wondering silly things like, What's the point?
Reading his book, however, one comes away with the impression either than he's unintentionally misinforming the reader or that he's intentionally holding back information to produce a more palatable, popular result.