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One comes away from May O'Donnell: Modern Dance Pioneer grateful that she has been viewed with so much warmth, yet wishing for more rigorous detail.
In cases of the worst variant of the disease, Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis, skin comes away in large amounts and there can be a huge risk of infection which can lead to death.
If this guest comes away just pounds 300 lighter, it'll be a miracle
If none of them comes away from the branch easily, the apples are not ripe.
Apples are ripe and ready for picking when they comes away from the tree easily if twisted, without the need to pull.
Jacob comes away changed in body and in spirit, blessed in that moment and for generations to come.
One comes away, despite the randomness, feeling that one has had contact with a thoughtful, original mind.
One comes away from these encounters (I do at least) refreshed and delighted by friendly and unsparing intellectual difference.