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ELIJAH finally comes clean to Leah that he was with Vinnie when he died (though actually he's starring in True Blood).
Stacey and Bradley's big day arrives, but Sean is determined the wedding will not go ahead until she comes clean about her affair with Max.
IT'S THE WATER: Jonathan Antin, the star hairstylist of the reality show ``Blow Out,'' comes clean.
Thank you for your honesty," snarls Larry (Ciaran Hinds) after his new bride, Anna (Natasha Richardson), comes clean about her yearlong affair with Dan (Rupert Graves), who's been married to Alice (Anna Friel) for three years.
30pm) AFTER Phil comes clean about driving the car on Christmas Day, Sharon does what she does best - she slaps him round the chops.
However, she's not only the Coker stirring up trouble, as Paul comes clean to Vincent about his suspicions concerning Les and Claudette's relationship.
Eventually he comes clean, and Sinead is disappointed in him.
So, at long last, Kat comes clean - she's been seeing someone else and thinks she may love him.
Vanessa comes clean to Max about Jodie's parentage after Harry starts plastering the Square with revealing posters of her, and Ian surprises Jane with a thoughtful gesture.
When he comes clean, Leon thinks he's just trying to protect Jason who is still in the closet - so outs him by entering him in the local heat of Mr Gay UK.
Jasmine comes clean to a shocked Laurel about her part in Shane's death; Marlon makes the tough decision to end his marriage to cheating Donna