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Truth and forgiveness are the themes, as Montmorency comes clean about his past and also reencounters his old landlady and her helpful daughter.
Yasmine Bleeth Comes Clean About Getting Clean in an Exclusive Television
The best way to calm fears about nuclear weapons at Aldermaston is if the Government comes clean about its future nuclear policy,' he said.
She meets a twenty--something, smart novelist (Joe Cobden), and after initial denial, comes clean about her passion for him and, presumably, is able to cut down on her food bill and write some more.
Sam Harris went from Star Search to Broadway, but he never had the courage to come out, Here, in an exclusive interview, he finally comes clean
And the world comes clean in moments like that for survivors.
King Coal Comes Clean - A discussion by some of the leading players in the utility technology and clean coal markets, addressing the development of the next generation of clean coal technology
However, she's not only the Coker stirring up trouble, as Paul comes clean to Vincent about his suspicions concerning Les and Claudette's relationship.
Moira is not impressed when a guilty James confesses and wisely advises that he comes clean to Chas - before ace manipulator Emma does.
EMMERDALE ITV, 7pm and 8pm Cain comes clean to Charity, and when he later starts looking for a fight in The Woolpack, she threatens to tell everyone the truth if he doesn't calm down.
And Bianca comes clean about dangerous Derek's dodgy gear.
EASTENDERS Afia is still reeling from the revelation that her father once tried to kill her mother-in-law and tells Yusef he should leave London, but it's Zainab who has the most surprising reaction when the doctor comes clean about his part in the fire.