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When it comes down to an investment in offense or defense, attack.
Tremblay, who has performed nearly 20 machine evaluation studies over the past six months, comes down squarely in this minimalist camp.
Every contribution comes down to the company's interest and a candidate's positions, but three issues are coming into play in 2004: soft money, political action committees and employee contributions," says Redmond magazine news editor Scott Bekker, who wrote the article.
My recommendation that you drop everything and drive 200 miles, if necessary, to see Little Miss Sunshine comes down to one thing: I was still laughing out loud as the credits rolled.
It comes down to support structure," explains John Meluso, director of information technology at Presbyterian.
For example, although you can't tell how he comes down on the subject, he has a section called "Penises" (between "Parking Meters" and "Peppers") and refers early and often to cajones (which are edible in Texas), as well as "kicking ass.
When it comes down to it, few politicians refuse the chance when asked.
DVD's higher data density will likely make it the next general-purpose distribution media as the standards become more widely accepted and the recording technology comes down in cost.
Adding to the problem is the fact that a pop-up near the plate will always curve toward the mound as it comes down, which means the catcher will often have to chase a ball curving away from him, whereas the infielder has the ball coming in to him.
It comes down to whether you want to see it as a-glass-half-empty or a glass-half-full scenario," Lloyd-Jones said in conclusion.
It comes down to a price/benefit ratio: What does the consumer want to pay for?
And though you'll likely have a long wait 'til he comes down off the vert ramp, or returns from one of his seemingly endless string of vacations, or decides his work is ready for the eyes of others to take a gander at, the final result is a record as vital as it is thoughtfully, respectfully, and meticulously collected and printed.