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It comes from a fast-growing grass that takes only four years from planting to harvest, but is harder than any North American hardwood.
If a drug that comes from a plant seems harmless, think again.
An analysis of seafloor sediments obtained off Antarctica suggests that the dissolved iron in surface waters that fuels much of the region's biological productivity comes from deeper waters via upwelling currents.
Where it comes from: Most white oak comes from the Naval Weapon Station in Crane, Indiana, where Constitution Grove was established in 1976 specifically to supply wood for Old Ironsides.
ShaBazz, a CCIE, comes from Neo Logic Networks, and Simko from Universal Music Group.
pounds 10A DONATION of pounds 10 comes 'in loving memory of our mother Florence Barnes, February 17, 1981, from daughters Margaret and Jean' and a further pounds 10 comes from Don Harris 'in memory of my father, Frederick Harris, February 14, 1983, a much-loved father and grandfather who is sadly missed'.
My Water Comes From The Mountains is an educational picture book by Tiffany Fourment that teaches young readers about the natural cycle of water.
But that challenge, according to Geer, comes from the teachers more than from their students.
Esther comes from a strict upbringing, but now she's a practicing Unitarian and Democrat and dedicated gardener.
Our information comes from radio and, particularly, infrared observations, which generally have poor resolution, making it difficult to locate and separate small objects.
Nearly 80 percent of the mercury released in Pennsylvania to air comes from the state's coal-fired power plants.
2 comes from wide receiver Jerry Porter: ``When (Gruden) was here, we didn't win.