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The singing part of this organ comes off the wheels.
You have seen them caught in the act, and you may expect to be subpoenaed as witness for the state when the trial comes off.
No, I don't know,' replied Mr Crummles; 'it comes off easily enough, and there's only the face and neck.
So he is gloomily borne off to the Lumps-of-Delight shop, where Rosa makes her purchase, and, after offering some to him (which he rather indignantly declines), begins to partake of it with great zest: previously taking off and rolling up a pair of little pink gloves, like rose-leaves, and occasionally putting her little pink fingers to her rosy lips, to cleanse them from the Dust of Delight that comes off the Lumps.
And remember, moreover, that it is often he who comes off victorious from the strife, absolved of all crime in the eyes of the world.
How on earth can you disallow a goal when it comes off an opponent?