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He comes off second best sometimes and we have had to get him treated for nasty injuries and infections as well.
HAM ROLLED OVER: Michael Carrick comes off second best against Preston scorer Ricardo Fuller
Newcastle half-back Andrew Johns was voted the world's outstanding player in 1999; 1995 winning captain Brad Fittler is still at the peak of his powers; giant winger Wendell Sailor is unstoppable; and second row Gorden Tallis rarely comes off second best in an argument.
THE HUNTER 102mins 15 THE perennially underrated Willem Dafoe shows his star power once again in this absorbing thriller - but even his searing intensity comes off second best to The Hunter's imagery.
Lara, or Lady Croft as we should properly address the agreeably indestructible posh adventuress, is back for a second helping in which serious archaeology comes off second best to savage butt-kicking.
MOMENT OF IMPACT ZScott Severin comes off second best in this challenge with Jim Goodwin and is left with a double leg break.
LAST LAUGH: Filip Sebo comes off second best this time in clash with McManus