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Today's "Doonesbury" comic comes right out and says it: "Impeach Bush now
The sun comes right through that gate and fills the space with light.
The AA's Ruth Bridger said: "This new record high price comes right at the start of the holiday season and this is when the cost of petrol will begin to really hurtdrivers.
Salstein's favorite comes right before the hoedown when the Champion Roper invites the Cowgirl to look at the stars.
It's obviously used to human presence and usually sits on the tree or comes right up to the window.
We talk endlessly about "solutions" but when it comes right down to it, we far too often focus on the price.
And if she does go 0 for 5 one day, she always comes right back the next game.
When it comes right down to it, the e-mail a camper receives looks more like a telegram than a postcard.
We've tried flushing the fuel tanks, but the contamination comes right back.
Curt Kirkwood comes right to the point: "Most people wouldn't even try to do something like this--it's so potentially fraught with ego.
The whizz-bang gadgety aspect here is that the keyboard comes right out of the notebook's surround and can be used wirelessly
When it comes right down to it, growing plants, managing water drainage and controlling unwanted vegetation in the city isn't much different than on the farm.