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He also said that there has been progress with the establishment of Cyberspace Command as the Air Force comes to grips with the responsibilities in cyberspace.
As everyone comes to grips with their suddenly upside down worlds, following the explosive finale, Betty takes on her usual role of nurturer.
In the case of Lucky Horseshoes, Skippy, an elementary school girl, learns about and comes to grips with her attention deficit hyperactivity disorder with the help of Iris the Dragon and little Ben, a horse who has a muscle impairment.
In this story of self-discovery, Winnie comes to grips with her own jealousy, competitiveness, and faithfulness.
While the family drama as Ray comes to grips with his parental duties is part of the fabric of ``War,'' Spielberg never lets it intrude too much into the flight narrative, and some of the set pieces - including a chaotic crowd scene at a Hudson River ferry landing and a devastated suburban landscape into which a jetliner has crashed - are spectacular.
That's unlikely to happen, however, unless the Bush administration comes to grips with its many mistakes and signals a truly new departure in U.