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The ongoing corruption clean-up in the Eastern Cape health department, led by its director-general Dr Siva Pillay, is an excellent example of what can be done when leadership comes to grips with this monster in our midst.
And I blame Michael Coren for the embarrassment and cringing within that I experienced when reading what Pope Benedict said about "the Shoah." Professor Arthur Buty has written a perfectly convincing book that comes to grips with the historical nature of what is called "the Holocaust".
Eventually, however, she comes to grips with her shortcomings and straightens out her relationships and her future.
Though written in a witty, bantering tone, America Alone ultimately comes to grips with one of the most serious issues of the twenty-first century.
He also said that there has been progress with the establishment of Cyberspace Command as the Air Force comes to grips with the responsibilities in cyberspace.
As everyone comes to grips with their suddenly upside down worlds, following the explosive finale, Betty takes on her usual role of nurturer.