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Look at virtually any significant economic statistic or news item about Orange County, NY and the word "boom" comes to mind -- "It's the next Westchester, " predicts Raymond Carlisle, president of Aark Construction, Inc.
Whenever a suggestion, question, problem or issue comes to mind, users can click on a small commenting icon and contribute directly to the solution.
When one thinks of South Korea, Seoul is usually the first city that comes to mind as the largest and most economically sound, but several other cities contribute to the growth of the economy of South Korea.
Fun'' isn't the first word that comes to mind with ``Criminal Minds,'' either.
But when I think about what they said to me, the truth is, the first thing that comes to mind is bad advice.
The logical question that comes to mind is: ``What took so long?
When you think of wireless network deployment, the name Bechtel immediately comes to mind," said AAT's Estes.
When we hear some of these instruments played, when we see some of the dancers and some of the crafts, Elaine's memory comes to mind,'' Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky said at Saturday's stage dedication.
From its many terraces and windows the fortress offers precisely the spellbinding view of the bay that comes to mind when one thinks of Naples.
Don't think: After five series, 10 movies and a billion action figures, the phrase ``with a whimper, not a bang'' comes to mind.
Freud's insight comes to mind when faced with Nora Speyer's canvases and their richly evocative, peculiarly impacted primordial texture, not to mention her vision of basic sexual objects--bodies (mostly naked and female) orgiastically entangled at times but more often falling in abysmal space, like souls in traditional images of hell.