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In an August Quinnipiac poll, "strong" topped the list when voters were asked the first word that comes to mind when they think about Trump.
That is not what I think of when the term home comes to mind, and that is not what our senior citizens deserve.
Nowhere in the bill will you find the term "intelligent design," but that theory certainly comes to mind when one mentions "alternative theories of the origin of the human race.
Ask some people today about limbo, and shimmying under a broomstick comes to mind.
One area that naturally comes to mind for further expansion is manufacturing and tourism.
Maybe, someday, fruit will be the first thing that comes to mind when somebody says McDonald's.
What comes to mind is the little-known story of Eldad and Medad, found in Numbers 11; it is a story some of those prelates would do well to ponder.
While classical Indian dance is not the first form that comes to mind when thinking about contemporary choreography, according to NDP director Dana Whitco, funding Raman does not represent a change in direction for the organization.
The only thing that comes to mind while listening to their music is the image of someone getting swatted in the face by a hornet's nest.
Another Farrelly movie, 'Dumb and Dumber,' comes to mind.
Dowling is perhaps the name that first comes to mind when asked to identify the best in the business.
This thought comes to mind whenever I talk with my good friend Amy--at least when she's discussing her job.