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Villa win a corner from the free-kick but it comes to nothing.
From the album's lead single, Nothing Comes To Nothing, it's a record that's full of twists and turns, and one that will no doubt shock and delight people in equal measure.
Nothing Comes To Nothing is an incredibly likeable indie-rock ditty, while Fall From Grace and Maybelline are also stand-out tracks.
The search comes to nothing until Brock meets 101-year-old survivor Rose DeWitt Bukater (Gloria Stuart/Kate Winslet) who recalls her romance with spirited artist Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) aboard the eponymous luxury liner.
And even if Khalid's training comes to nothing he still has his eye on Rio in four years' time.
Now light, I am reliably informed, travels at a speed of about 186,000 miles a second and the box in which all the whirring is going on is no more than a foot or so across and even if we have to allow a bit of extra time to get to the screen, the whole journey comes to nothing like 186,000 miles so, even for an elderly electron that is no longer as sprightly as it once was, the trip should be all over in the tiniest fraction of a second.
So Cain probably shouldn't be too surprised when his plan to split the couple up by filling Jai in on his new girlfriend's dodgy past comes to nothing.
The new Celtic boss is eyeing up a summer swoop for Ibrox target Gareth McAuley if his ambitious swoop for Arsenal's Sol Campbell comes to nothing.
Member parliament Hanif Abbasi further stated that the claims of Karachi administration for making Karachi like Paris comes to nothing, as first rain of Monsoon exposed the reality of developmental projects in the metropolitan city.
If the police inquiry into his financial affairs comes to nothing then there may appear to be no obstacle to his return.
Another week passes, and another round of speculation that Tony Blair is about to be booted out of Downing Street comes to nothing.
We choose between two ways: the way that God knows and watches and the way of the wicked that comes to nothing (vv.