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The prophecy comes to pass and rumours circulate that Yeshua has risen from the dead to lead his people.
Other birds fail to heed his warnings and when his doom-laden prophecy comes to pass, Red joins forces with Chuck and Bomb to locate the island's mysterious protector, Mighty Eagle.
All their economic report does is fantasize about what might happen if all that they think comes to pass with our departure.
So it comes to pass one day that she encounters the remains of a female while swimming.
The longer Israel defers that day, the less control Israel will have over the terms under which it comes to pass.
If this deal comes to pass, one could question whether the A350-900 order will ever be delivered given the internal opposition to its selection in the first place.
If all that is planned comes to pass then this resurgent district will boast a PS20 million HS2 college, a large Unite training facility, and the new Curzon Street station.
If the prediction by Chairman Lucas comes to pass, then USDA will get another chance at COOL in the future.
2% reduction in its budget if sequestration comes to pass.
If it comes to pass, "It's Showtime" will welcome special guest co-hosts which could include Iza Calzado.
It is time every sporting hero works to ensure that this never comes to pass.
If this indeed comes to pass, it would be the first time Google would allow one particular hardware company to manufacture two successive generations of their devices.