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If this comes to pass, MPs would have betrayed the people of Kenya, their constituents, and their oath of office, having essentially dismantled one pillar of the Constitution.
"But if that speculation comes to pass and an offer comes to the table, then it will be up to the club to make a decision I suppose."
If that comes to pass and Wicklow fail to beat Wexford, a win for Leitrim at home to London tomorrow would send Terry Hyland's (inset) side up.
Discontinuing its claim would cost years of work and hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the PPTA has indicated it will be seeking compensation from the Government if this comes to pass.
Mr Jones said: "I am worried as we edge nearer the Brexit precipice that the people of north Wales will be put at risk if the folly of a no-deal departure comes to pass."
John Nyemah Natt, Jr, a young Liberian engineer, told President Weah during their interaction at the coastal defense project site in New Kru Town that they are doing their best to ensure that President Weah's dream comes to pass.He promises that they are making sure that the president will 'get good news from us' at the end of November concerning the project.
From a community standpoint, investment in our schools pays significant dividends for the quality of life in our communities, as well as enhances property values for when the time comes to pass our homes on to that next young family.
ZH is citing analysis from Societe Generale that uses the correlation between ISM service's record employment component and the payrolls trend to extrapolate that number, which would be the best since 1983 if it comes to pass. This contrasts the view that Florence will take a little toll on the headline number.
But if that comes to pass, we will evaluate the options provided under the law and our extradition treaty with the US,' said.
If it comes to pass it would be a splendid addition to the city of Newcastle, and we certainly wish it well.
When in 1963 mother Salma reads the future in the dregs of her daughter, Alias, coffee cup on the eve of the latter's wedding, she sees her forthcoming uprooted life and her children's; she does not tell her of that, but it comes to pass in the 1967 war.
Just imagine if it comes to pass that NH Rep Al Baldasaro, as reported by various news outlets, actually is nominated and then confirmed as deputy secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs.