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IF everything the North East LEP is asking for in its regional plan for the North East comes to pass then the region will be a long way forward.
It is time every sporting hero works to ensure that this never comes to pass.
If this situation comes to pass it will effectively mean the State will play Pontius Pilate and hurl struggling homeowners to the wolves.
If this comes to pass, it could be a disastrous event for the developing world, and that in turn will greatly hurt the developed economies as well," he affirmed.
This comes to pass and many adventures befall young Krishna in his life on earth, as he destroys evil demons in the form of snakes, cranes, whirlwinds, and more, even fire.
More urgent action is needed to address the growing threat from colony collapse disorder, before catastrophic collapse of agricultural sectors comes to pass.
So it comes to pass that Frank borrows thousands from drug lord Milo (Zlatko Buric) to finance an ill-fated get-rich scheme involving former prison mate Marlon (Neil Maskell).
If and when it comes to pass that the biggest prize of all - the party of government - does decide to give Liverpool a try, we have no doubt that the city will be well capable of meeting the challenge.
As a result of this revocation, all telecommunications services provided to 2Connect's customers will be permanently disconnected once the deadline stated in the resolution comes to pass.
So it comes to pass as she discovers that landlord Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a psychotic peeping tom with a deadly desire to get into her pants.
Something is moving silently within Cuban baseball that, if it comes to pass, would end 50 years of imposed tradition and push Cuban players into what was once derided as "the slave game.
Of course, no one knows what will happen when, or if, the display ban comes to pass.