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Caption: An improved understanding of maple syrup's chemical behaviour could elevate this Canadian comestible to the echelons of haute cuisine.
Stew can have the meaning of the gerund of eating not a general noun of comestible or dish; the following couplet is as the witness of this concept:
6 There was a time when a tourist's comestible souvenir amounted to little more than a stick of rock but those days are long gone.
In telling of this 'pincer movement' into the region from east and west with this soon-to-be desired addictive substance and comestible, Marshall touches on Sir Francis Drake, Magellan, the Spice Islands, the Manila galleons, the Arabs, the Chinese, and Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie (Dutch East India Co).
Il a dit que l'Etat du Nord Kordofan est caracterise par sa bonne qualite des produits agricoles, les cereales, la gomme arabique et comestible en plus de ses grandes ressources de betails.
Each work pictures this ca rbohyd rate-and gluten-rich comestible (and thus the most decadent/taboo of foodstuffs, given our ketogenically oriented diets) in a different material state: raw and straight, cooked and sinuous, or alphabet shaped.
with an accompanying image reading, "You can still dunk in the dark," which featured a picture of the trademark black and white comestible bathed by a spotlight.
If you weren't aware before, be advised now that this is the home of the Newmarket sausage, a superior comestible that has been delighting the most fastidious of palates for upwards of 120 years.
IF YOU thought saffron is the costliest comestible with medicinal values, you are wrong.
Deadly prepare sugar-cane juice is the other comestible identified by the Doctors as dangerous if its prepared unhygienic and Sugar-cane juice is healthy if prepared in hygienic conditions.
Kessler fearlessly accuses major restaurant chains of a crime they brag about, relying on unnamed "insiders" to reveal that comestible pushers such as Cinnabon and The Cheesecake Factory deliberately make their food delicious--or, as he breathlessly puts it, "design food specifically to be highly hedonic.